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Python For Business Professionals

Python Programming Foundations:
From Basics to Real-World Applications

Python For Business Professionals

Python for Business Mastery: Leveraging Python for Business Insights and Automation

Experience Level
Business Professionals
10 weeks (40 hours)
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Discover the transformative power of Python in the business world in our 10-week course. Begin your journey by understanding why Python is a powerhouse in the business sector, and get hands-on experience right from week one, setting up your Python environment and diving into mini-projects.

As the weeks unfold, you'll delve into data analysis and visualization, creating insightful dashboards to aid business decisions. Learn to automate mundane Excel tasks and streamline report generation to save valuable time. Enhance your business intelligence through web scraping and API integration, and even venture into the exciting realm of machine learning to create predictive models for your business.

The course culminates in a capstone project, a golden opportunity to integrate and showcase the skills you've honed.

Step into a world of efficiency and insights; equip yourself with Python skills that are revolutionizing the business industry!

Course Outline

Course Schedule Details

    • Tuesday
    • Thursday
    • 6:00pm - 8:00pm
    Python in the Business Ecosystem
      - Why Python is a powerful tool in the business sector.
      - Overview of Python libraries that are popular in the industry.
      - Setting up the Python environment.
      - Exploring Python libraries through mini-projects.
    Week 2 - Data Analysis with Pandas:
      - In-depth understanding of data manipulation using Pandas.
      - Hands-on: Cleaning and analyzing a real-world business dataset.
    Week 3 - Data Visualization with Matplotlib and Seaborn
      - Creating insightful visualizations to aid business decisions.
      - Hands-on: Developing a dashboard with interactive visualizations for business data.
    Week 4 - Automating Excel Tasks
      - Learning to automate repetitive Excel tasks using Python.
      - Hands-on: Developing a Python script to automate a monthly business report.
    Week 5 - Automating Emails and Reports
      - Techniques to automate email notifications and report generation.
      - Hands-on: Creating a system to automate weekly business updates via email.
    Week 6 - Web Scraping for Business Intelligence
      - Gathering data from the web to aid business intelligence.
      - Hands-on: Building a web scraper to gather market data.
    Week 7 - API Integration
      - Learning to integrate various APIs to enhance business processes.
      - Hands-on: Integrating a CRM API to automate customer data retrieval.
    Week 8 - Introduction to Machine Learning
      - Understanding the basics of machine learning and its applications in business.
      - Hands-on: Building a simple predictive model using Scikit-learn.
    Week 9 - Predictive Analytics
      - Leveraging machine learning for predictive analytics in business.
      - Hands-on: Developing a predictive analytics tool for sales forecasting.
    Capstone Project
      - Students will work on a business-related project, integrating the skills learned throughout the course.
      - Hands-on: Working on projects like sales data analysis, customer segmentation, or automated reporting system.
    Project Presentation
      - Students present their final projects, showcasing the practical skills acquired.

Michael Ali

Software & Dev Ops Cloud Engineer


Gabriela Sewdhan

Software Engineer

Course Requirements

  • Laptop

  • Ensure you have a reliable laptop to access course materials and participate in interactive learning sessions.

  • Headset (If Online)

  • A quality headset will aid in clear communication during live discussions and tutorials.

  • Internet Connection (If Online)

  • A stable internet connection to access resources, libraries, and attend online sessions.

  • Basic Programming Knowledge

  • While not absolutely necessary, completion of our 'Introduction to Programming with Python' course or possession of foundational Python knowledge is recommended.

  • Familiarity with Business Processes

  • While not a must, having some background knowledge of business processes can enhance understanding and application of Python skills in business scenarios.

  • Commitment

  • Be prepared to devote time and effort to get the most out of this comprehensive course.

  • Innovative Mindset

  • Foster a willingness to explore new ideas and think outside the traditional boundaries.

  • Initiative

  • Take the lead in your learning journey; be proactive in asking questions and engaging in course activities to enhance your understanding and skills.

Disclaimer: To ensure the best learning outcome and to fully benefit from the course content, attending all classes is highly recommended. Consistent attendance will aid in the successful completion of the capstone project, a critical element of this course.