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Scarlet Creative is a Software Development firm located in Trinidad & Tobago with chapters in the US and UK, serving a wide variety of satisfied clients and producing powerful and scalable technological solutions.
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What We have to Offer

Design, Development & Engineering

Experts in their field tasked to meet your needs and budget.

End-to-End Solutions

  •   Modern & Incomparably Elegant Websites
  •   Fast & Secure eCommerce Platforms
  •   No-Code Editing
  •   Database Setup, Management & Enhanced ETL
  •   Cloud & Private Server Deployment


  •   Hyperautomation & Optimization of Business Processes
  •   AI-Powered
    • Document Processing (OCR & Handwriting)
    • Facial Recognition (Security Systems, Photo ID Verification)
    • Financial, Supply & Performance Forecasting

Web3 & Blockchain

  •   Proud to support for Caribbean-based Crypto startups
  •   Experience with Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum & Tezos in developing:
    • Decentralized Exchanges
    • NFT Marketplaces
    • Identity Verification

Business Intelligence

Reinvent business performance and deliver sustainable value through intelligent operations.

Data Science & Analytics

  •   Analytics-as-a-Service
  •   Real-time & Actionable Analytics to:
    • Guide management focus
    • Visualise KPI performance company-wide
  •   Automatically compile and assess data from sales and customer feedback
  •   Improve Customer Satisfaction & Retention

Graphic & Logo Design

  •   Branding & Marketing Consultation
  •   Vector Logo Design
  •   Flyer and Ad Design

Consultation Services

  •   Security-as-a-Service
  •   Compliance-as-a-Service
  •   Technical Support

Some Of Our Work

Explore Our Portfolio and Clientele

Website Development
Human Resources
Website Development
Security Resources
Graphic Design
Car Wash & Landscaping
Adobe Illustrator
Graphic Design
Sports Bar & Lounge
Graphic Design
Internal Projects
FullStack Development
Life & Health Insurance
Website Development
Auto & Life Insurance
FullStack Development
Insurance, Mortgage & Claims
Python Backend


Hardwork, the power of friendship and a boatload of caffeine

  • ...

    August 2021

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Old friends with a shared passion for technology and a dream to change the world, or at the very least keep it from getting any worse, Michael, Matthew and Gabriela began planning. It started with a vow to serve the underserved, that during this unprecedented time the world does not regress.

  • ...

    October 2021

    An Agency is Born

    Formed initially under the name Scarlet Creative, the team begins hiring a diverse group of talented individuals from around the world. Through competitive pricing and sheer pluck, clients flocked to Scarlet and with it they built their network.

  • ...

    January 2022

    Transition to Blockchain Development

    With their network expanding, so too did the needs of their clientele. While no slouches in the crypto space, the Managing Directors realized the need to up their game and began recruiting blockchain developers for select Smart Chain and Tezos projects, including some in-house.

  • ...

    March 2022

    Phase Two Expansion

    Scarlet has since expanded to chapters in the US and UK, both to expand reach and its compliance. No strangers to red tape, Scarlet aims to meet the regulations of the jurisdictions it operates under all while improving its ability to succeed at their original mission: Serving the underserved.

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